Herr Korbes



There were once a cock and a hen who wanted to take a journey together. So the cock built a beautiful carriage, which had four red wheels, and harnessed four mice to it. The hen seated herself in it with the cock, and they drove away together. Not long afterwards they met a cat who said, "Where are you going?" The cock replied, "We are going to the house of Herr Korbes." - "Take me with you," said the cat. The cock answered, "Most willingly, get up behind, lest you fall off in front. Take great care not to dirty my little red wheels. And you little wheels, roll on, and you little mice pipe out, as we go forth on our way to the house of Herr Korbes."
After this came a millstone, then an egg, then a duck, then a pin, and at last a needle, who all seated themselves in the carriage, and drove with them. When, however, they reached the house of Herr Korbes, Herr Korbes was not there. The mice drew the carriage into the barn, the hen flew with the cock upon a perch. The cat sat down by the hearth, the duck on the well-pole. The egg rolled itself into a towel, the pin stuck itself into the chair-cushion, the needle jumped on to the bed in the middle of the pillow, and the millstone laid itself over the door. Then Herr Korbes came home, went to the hearth, and was about to light the fire, when the cat threw a quantity of ashes in his face. He ran into the kitchen in a great hurry to wash it off, and the duck splashed some water in his face. He wanted to dry it with the towel, but the egg rolled up against him, broke, and glued up his eyes. He wanted to rest, and sat down in the chair, and then the pin pricked him. He fell in a passion, and threw himself on his bed, but as soon as he laid his head on the pillow, the needle pricked him, so that he screamed aloud, and was just going to run out into the wide world in his rage, but when he came to the house-door, the millstone leapt down and struck him dead. Herr Korbes must have been a very wicked man!
从前,有只公鸡准备和一只母鸡一起出门旅行。 公鸡做了一辆漂亮的车,装上四只红色的轮子,然后套上四只小老鼠拉车。 母鸡和公鸡坐上车出发了,不久,它们遇到一只猫,猫问它们:"你们上哪儿?"公鸡回答说:"去海尔家。""带上我吧。"猫说。 公鸡说:"十分愿意。从后面上来吧,可别摔下来,小心别弄脏了小红轮子。小小车轮快快跑,小老鼠儿吱吱叫,我们朝前奔,快到海尔家。"
它们到时海尔不在家。 于是小老鼠将车拖进牲口棚。 母鸡和公鸡飞到一根横杆上歇着了,猫咪蹲伏在灶膛边,鸭子蹲到了井台边,鸡蛋用毛巾把自己裹了起来,发夹一头扎进座垫上,缝衣针则跳到床上,藏到了枕头中央,磨盘也爬到门顶上。 海尔回到家中,走到灶膛边准备生火。 蹲在那里的猫撒了他一脸炉灰;他急忙跑到厨房去洗脸,鸭子又泼了他一脸水;他想用毛巾把水擦干,鸡蛋又滚出来破了,把他的眼睛给粘上了;他想休息一下,于是往坐椅上一坐,发夹扎得他弹了起来;他勃然大怒,一头倒到床上,可是头一碰枕头,缝衣针便把他扎得"嗷嗷"乱叫着往外冲;当他走到门口时,磨盘从门上落了下来,一下把他砸死了。 看来海尔·柯贝斯准是个大坏蛋!

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