Frau Trude



There was once a little girl who was obstinate and inquisitive, and when her parents told her to do anything, she did not obey them, so how could she fare well? One day she said to her parents, "I have heard so much of Frau Trude, I will go to her some day. People say that everything about her does look so strange, and that there are such odd things in her house, that I have become quite curious!" Her parents absolutely forbade her, and said, "Frau Trude is a bad woman, who does wicked things, and if thou goest to her; thou art no longer our child." But the maiden did not let herself be turned aside by her parent's prohibition, and still went to Frau Trude. And when she got to her, Frau Trude said, "Why art thou so pale?" - "Ah," she replied, and her whole body trembled, "I have been so terrified at what I have seen." - "What hast thou seen?" - "I saw a black man on your steps." - "That was a collier." - "Then I saw a green man." - "That was a huntsman." - "After that I saw a blood-red man." - "That was a butcher." - "Ah, Frau Trude, I was terrified; I looked through the window and saw not you, but, as I verily believe, the devil himself with a head of fire." - "Oho!" said she, "then thou hast seen the witch in her proper costume. I have been waiting for thee, and wanting thee a long time already; thou shalt give me some light." Then she changed the girl into a block of wood, and threw it into the fire. And when it was in full blaze she sat down close to it, and warmed herself by it, and said, "That shines bright for once in a way."


しかし娘は両親の禁止に耳をかさず、やはりトルーデおばさんのところに行きました。娘がやってくるとトルーデおばさんが聞きました。「おまえは、どうしてそんなに青い顏をしているんだい?」 娘はからだ全体をふるわせながら、答えました。「見たものがとてもこわくって。おばさんの家の階段で、まっ黒な人を見たのよ」「それは、炭を焼く男さ」「それから、緑の男も見たわ」「それは、狩人だよ」「そのあとに、血みたいにまっ赤な男に会ったわ」「それは、獣を殺す男だよ」「ああ、怖かったわ、トルーデおばさん。家のまどから見たら、あなたではなくって、本当にそう思うんだけど、頭が火で燃えている悪魔が見えたの」「ほおー!じゃあ、おまえはちゃんとした衣装の魔女を見たんだね。わたしはおまえをずっと待っていたんだ。もう長い間おまえが必要だったんだ。おまえに光をもらおう。」 そうしておばさんは、娘をひとかたまりの木材にかえてしまい、それを火に投げ入れました。そしてパアーと燃え上がると、そのそばに座って暖まり、「なんとも明るい光だわい。」と言いました。

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