Sharing joy and sorrow



There was once a tailor, who was a quarrelsome fellow, and his wife, who was good, industrious, and pious, never could please him. Whatever she did, he was not satisfied, but grumbled and scolded, and knocked her about and beat her. As the authorities at last heard of it, they had him summoned, and put in prison in order to make him better. He was kept for a while on bread and water, and then set free again. He was forced, however, to promise not to beat his wife any more, but to live with her in peace, and share joy and sorrow with her, as married people ought to do. All went on well for a time, but then he fell into his old ways, and was surly and quarrelsome. And because he dared not beat her, he would seize her by the hair and tear it out. The woman escaped from him, and sprang out into the yard, but he ran after her with his yard-measure and scissors, and chased her about, and threw the yard-measure and scissors at her, and whatever else came his way. When he hit her he laughed, and when he missed her, he stormed and swore. This went on so long that the neighbors came to the wife's assistance. The tailor was again summoned before the magistrates, and reminded of his promise. "Dear gentlemen," said he, "I have kept my word, I have not beaten her, but have shared joy and sorrow with her." - "How can that be," said the judge, "when she continually brings such heavy complaints against you?" - "I have not beaten her, but just because she looked so strange I wanted to comb her hair with my hand; she, however, got away from me, and left me quite spitefully. Then I hurried after her, and in order to bring her back to her duty, I threw at her as a well-meant admonition whatever came readily to hand. I have shared joy and sorrow with her also, for whenever I hit her I was full of joy, and she of sorrow, and if I missed her, then she was joyful, and I sorry." The judges were not satisfied with this answer, but gave him the reward he deserved.
从前,有个裁缝总爱吵架。 他的妻子善良、勤劳、虔诚,却不能得到他的欢心。
无论她干什么事,他都不满意,总是嘀嘀咕咕,又是打又是骂。 当地的官府最后知道了这件事,就传讯了他并把他关进了监狱,希望能让他改过自新。 他在监狱里只能靠面包和水度日,关了一段时间后,他就被释放了,不过要他发誓从此不再打老婆,要与她和睦相处,休戚与共,像夫妻应该的那样。 开始一阵子还好,随后他又旧病复发,老爱嘀咕争吵。 因为他不敢打她,便扯抓她的头发,女人挣脱了他,逃到外面的院子里,他就拿着尺和剪刀尾随其后,四处追赶她,并用尺和剪刀以及其他所能拿到的东西朝她摔去。 打着她时,他就哈哈大笑;没打中时,他就暴跳如雷,百般诅咒。 这样一直闹到邻居赶来帮他的妻子,他才罢手。 于是裁缝再次被官府传去,官府叫他想想他说过的话。 "亲爱的大人,"他说,"我信守了我的誓言,并没有打她,而是与她同甘共苦。"法官说,"这怎么可能?她可是再次严厉地控告了你。""我没有打她,只是因为看见她怪模怪样,我想用手去给她理理头发,她却挣脱了我,恶意地跑开了。于是我就匆匆地去赶她,让她回来做她的事。我把手里东西向她扔,是作为善意的纪念。可我仍和她同甘共苦呀!因为我每次打她,我高兴,她痛苦;如果没打到她,她就高兴,我就难受。"法官对这种回答可不满意,给了他应得的惩罚。

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