The nail



A merchant had done good business at the fair; he had sold his wares, and lined his money-bags with gold and silver. Then he wanted to travel homewards, and be in his own house before nightfall. So he packed his trunk with the money on his horse, and rode away.
At noon he rested in a town, and when he wanted to go farther the stable-boy brought out his horse and said, "A nail is wanting, sir, in the shoe of its left hind foot." - "Let it be wanting," answered the merchant; "the shoe will certainly stay on for the six miles I have still to go. I am in a hurry."

In the afternoon, when he once more alighted and had his horse fed, the stable-boy went into the room to him and said, "Sir, a shoe is missing from your horse's left hind foot. Shall I take him to the blacksmith?" - "Let it still be wanting," answered the man; "the horse can very well hold out for the couple of miles which remain. I am in haste."

He rode forth, but before long the horse began to limp. It had not limped long before it began to stumble, and it had not stumbled long before it fell down and broke its leg. The merchant was forced to leave the horse where it was, and unbuckle the trunk, take it on his back, and go home on foot. And there he did not arrive until quite late at night. "And that unlucky nail," said he to himself, "has caused all this disaster."

Hasten slowly.
一个商人在集市上生意红火,他卖完了所有的货,钱袋装得满满的。 他想天黑前赶到家,便把钱箱捆在了马背上,骑着马儿出发了。
中午时分,他到了一个镇上休息了一会。 当他想继续赶路时,马童牵出马来对他说:"老爷,马后腿的蹄铁上需要加颗钉子。""由它去吧,"商人回答说,"这块蹄铁肯定能撑到走完这六里路,我要急着赶路呢!"
他骑着马儿继续往前走,但不久以后马就开始一步一瘸的了,再过会儿就开始踉踉跄跄,最后它终于跌倒在地,折断了腿。 那生意人只好扔下他的马 ,解下钱箱扛在背上,步行回家。 等赶回家时已是午夜时分,只听他嘀咕着:"都是那颗该死的钉子把我给害惨了。"

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