The brother and sister


Fratior si surioara

The brother took his sister's hand and said to her, "Since our mother died we have had no good days; our stepmother beats us every day, and if we go near her she kicks us away; we have nothing to eat but hard crusts of bread left over; the dog under the table fares better," he gets a good piece every now and then. If our mother only knew, how she would pity us! Come, let us go together out into the wide world!" So they went, and journeyed the whole day through fields and meadows and stony places, and if it rained the sister said, "The skies and we are weeping together." In the evening they came to a great wood, and they were so weary with hunger and their long journey, that they climbed up into a high tree and fell asleep.

The next morning, when they awoke, the sun was high in heaven, and shone brightly through the leaves. Then said the brother, "Sister, I am thirsty; if I only knew where to find a brook, that I might go and drink! I almost think that I hear one rushing."

So the brother got down and led his sister by the hand, and they went to seek the brook. But their wicked stepmother was a witch, and had known quite well that the two children had run away, and had sneaked after them, as only witches can, and had laid a spell on all the brooks in the forest.

So when they found a little stream flowing smoothly over its pebbles, the brother was going to drink of it; but the sister heard how it said in its rushing, "He a tiger will be who drinks of me, Who drinks of me a tiger will be!"

Then the sister cried, "Pray, dear brother, do not drink, or you will become a wild beast, and will tear me in pieces."

So the brother refrained from drinking, though his thirst was great, and he said he would wait till he came to the next brook. When they came to a second brook the sister heard it say, "He a wolf will be who drinks of me, Who drinks of me a wolf will be!"

Then the sister cried, "Pray, dear brother, do not drink, or you will be turned into a wolf, and will eat me up!"

So the brother refrained from drinking, and said, "I will wait until we come to the next brook, and then I must drink, whatever you say; my thirst is so great."

And when they came to the third brook the sister heard how in its rushing it said, "Who drinks of me a fawn will be, He a fawn will be who drinks of me!"

Then the sister said, "O my brother, I pray drink not, or you will be turned into a fawn, and run away far from me."

But he had already kneeled by the side of the brook and stooped and drunk of the water, and as the first drops passed his lips he became a fawn.

And the sister wept over her poor lost brother, and the fawn wept also, and stayed sadly beside her. At last the maiden said, "Be comforted, dear fawn, indeed I will never leave you." Then she untied her golden girdle and bound it round the fawn's neck, and went and gathered rushes to make a soft cord, which she fastened to him; and then she led him on, and they went deeper into the forest. And when they had gone a long long way, they came at last to a little house, and the maiden looked inside, and as it was empty she thought, "We might as well live here." And she fetched leaves and moss to make a soft bed for the fawn, and every morning she went out and gathered roots and berries and nuts for herself, and fresh grass for the fawn, who ate out of her hand with joy, frolicking round her. At night, when the sister was tired, and had said her prayers, she laid her head on the fawn's back, which served her for a pillow, and softly fell asleep. And if only the brother could have got back his own shape again, it would have been a charming life.

So they lived a long while in the wilderness alone. Now it happened that the King of that country held a great hunt in the forest. The blowing of the horns, the barking of the dogs, and the lusty shouts of the huntsmen sounded through the wood, and the fawn heard them and was eager to be among them.

"Oh," said he to his sister," do let me go to the hunt; I cannot stay behind any longer," and begged so long that at last she consented.

"But mind," said she to him," come back to me at night. I must lock my door against the wild hunters, so, in order that I may know you, you must knock and say, ' Little sister, let me in,' and unless I hear that I shall not unlock the door." Then the fawn sprang out, and felt glad and merry in the open air. The King and his huntsmen saw the beautiful animal, and began at once to pursue him, but they could not come within reach of him, for when they thought they were certain of him he sprang away over the bushes and disappeared. As soon as it was dark he went back to the little house, knocked at the door, and said, "Little sister, let me in." Then the door was opened to him, and he went in, and rested the whole night long on his soft bed.

The next morning the hunt began anew, and when the fawn heard the hunting-horns and the tally-ho of the huntsmen he could rest no longer, and said, "Little sister, let me out, I must go"

The sister opened the door and said, "Now, mind you must come back at night and say the same words." When the King and his hunters saw the fawn with the golden collar again, they chased him closely, but he was too nimble and swift for them. This lasted the whole day, and at last the hunters surrounded him, and one of them wounded his foot a little, so that he was obliged to limp and to go slowly. Then a hunter slipped after him to the little house, and heard how he called out," Little sister, let me in," and saw the door open and shut again after him directly., The hunter noticed all this carefully, went to the King, and told him all he had seen and heard. Then said the King, "To-morrow we will hunt again."

But the sister was very terrified when she saw that her fawn was wounded. She washed his foot, laid cooling leaves round it, and said," Lie down on your bed, dear fawn, and rest, that you may be soon well." The wound was very slight, so that the fawn felt nothing of it the next morning. And when he heard the noise of the hunting outside, he said, "I cannot stay in, I must go after them; I shall not be taken easily again!"

The sister began to weep, and said, "I know you will be killed, and I left alone here in the forest, and forsaken of everybody. I cannot let you go!"

"Then I shall die here with longing," answered the fawn;" when I hear the sound of the horn I feel as if I should leap out of my skin."

Then the sister, seeing there was no help for it, unlocked the door with a heavy heart, and the fawn bounded away into the forest, well and merry.

When the King saw him, he said to his hunters, "Now, follow him up all day long till the night comes, and see that you do him no hurt." So as soon as the sun had gone down, the King said to the huntsmen:" Now, come and show me the little house in the wood." And when he got to the door he knocked at it, and cried, "Little sister, let me in!" Then the door opened, and the King went in, and there stood a maiden more beautiful than any he had seen before. The maiden shrieked out when she saw, instead of the fawn, a man standing there with a gold crown on his head. But the King looked kindly on her, took her by the hand, and said, "Will you go with me to my castle, and be my dear wife?"

"Oh yes," answered the maiden, "but the fawn must come too. I could not leave him." And the King said, "He shall remain with you as long as you live, and shall lack nothing." Then the fawn came bounding in, and the sister tied the cord of rushes to him, and led him by her own hand out of the little house.

The King put the beautiful maiden on his horse, and carried her to his castle, where the wedding was held with great pomp; so she became lady Queen, and they lived together happily for a long while; the fawn was well tended and cherished, and he gambolled about the castle garden. Now the wicked stepmother, whose fault it was that the children were driven out into the world, never dreamed but that the sister had been eaten up by wild beasts in the forest, and that the brother, in the likeness of a fawn, had been slain by the hunters. But when she heard that they were so happy, and that things had gone so well with them, jealousy and envy arose in her heart, and left her no peace, and her chief thought was how to bring misfortune upon them. Her own daughter, who was as ugly as sin, and had only one eye, complained to her, and said, "I never had the chance of being a Queen."

"Never mind," said the old woman, to satisfy her;" when the time comes, I shall be at hand." After a while the Queen brought a beautiful baby-boy into the world, and that day the King was out hunting. The old witch took the shape of the bedchamber woman, and went into the room where the Queen lay, and said to her, "Come, the bath is ready; it will give you refreshment and new strength. Quick, or it will be cold." Her daughter was within call, so they carried the sick Queen into the bath-room, and left her there. And in the bath-room they had made a great fire, so as to suffocate the beautiful young Queen.

When that was managed, the old woman took her daughter, put a cap on her, and laid her in the bed in the Queen's place, gave her also the Queen's form and countenance, only she could not restore the lost eye. So, in order that the King might not remark it, she had to lie on the side where there was no eye. In the evening, when the King came home and heard that a little son was born to him, he rejoiced with all his heart, and was going at once to his dear wife's bedside to see how she did. Then the old woman cried hastily, "For your life, do not draw back the curtains, to let in the light upon her; she must be kept quiet." So the King went away, and never knew that a false Queen was lying in the bed.

Now, when it was midnight, and every one was asleep, the nurse, who was sitting by the cradle in the nursery and watching there alone, saw the door open, and the true Queen come in. She took the child out of the cradle, laid it in her bosom, and fed it. Then she shook out its little pillow, put the child back again, and covered it with the coverlet. She did not forget the fawn either: she went to him where he lay in the corner, and stroked his back tenderly. Then she went in perfect silence out at the door, and the nurse next morning asked the watchmen if any one had entered the castle during the night, but they said they had seen no one.

And the Queen came many nights, and never said a word; the nurse saw her always, but she did not dare speak of it to any one.

After some time had gone by in this manner, the Queen seemed to find voice, and said one night,

"My child my fawn twice more I come to see,
Twice more I come, and then the end must be."

The nurse said nothing, but as soon as the Queen had disappeared she went to the King and told him all. The King said, "Ah, heaven! what do I hear! I will myself watch by the child to-morrow night." So at evening he went into the nursery, and at midnight the Queen appeared, and said,

"My child my fawn once more I come to see,
Once more I come, and then the end must be."

And she tended the child, as she was accustomed to do, before she vanished. The King dared not speak to her, but he watched again the following night, and heard her say,

"My child my fawn this once I come to see,
This once I come, and now the end must be."

Then the King could contain himself no longer, but rushed towards her, saying, "You are no other than my dear wife!"

Then she answered, "Yes, I am your dear wife," and in that moment, by the grace of heaven, her life returned to her, and she was once more well and strong. Then she told the King the snare that the wicked witch and her daughter had laid for her.

The King had them both brought to judgment, and sentence was passed upon them. The daughter was sent away into the wood, where she was devoured by the wild beasts, and the witch was burned, and ended miserably. And as soon as her body was in ashes the spell was removed from the fawn, and he took human shape again; and then the sister and brother lived happily together until the end.
Intr-o zi, fratele si-a luat sora de mana si i-a spus, "De cand a murit mama noastra nu mai avem zile bune de trait in casa. Mama noastra vitrega ne bate in fiecare zi si, daca indraznim sa ne apropiem de ea, ne alunga de indata afara din casa. Nu avem nimic de mancare decat farimiturile de paine ramase pe masa. Pana si cainele nostru se hraneste mai bine decat noi, reusind, din cand in cand, sa fure cate o bucatica buna de carne din bucatarie. Daca ar sti buna noastra mama cum am ajuns sa traim, ne-ar jeli de mila! Haide sa plecam in lumea larga!"
Nu au stat mult pe ganduri si au fugit de acasa. Au calatorit intreaga zi peste campuri, pasuni si pamanturi stancoase, iar daca se intampla sa ii prinda ploaia, sora spunea, "Iata, cerurile plang impreuna cu noi!" Catre seara, au ajuns intr-o mare padure si, fiind nemaipomenit de obositi si infometati dupa lungul lor drum, s-au catarat intr-un copac inalt si au adormit bustean.

A doua zi dimineata, atunci cand s-au trezit, soarele era sus pe cer, iar razele sale straluceau printre frunze. Fratele a zis, "Sora draga, mi-e asa de sete! Daca as sti vreun izvor pe aproape, m-as duce degraba la el sa ma indestulez cu apa! Aud clipocitul unei ape curgatoare pe-aproape sau mi se pare mie?"
Cei doi au coborat din copac, fratele si-a luat sora de mana, si au plecat in cautarea unui izvor. Mama lor vitrega era insa vrajitoare rea. Ea si-a dat seama curand ca cei doi copii fugisera de acasa, si le-a luat urma, asa cum numai o vrajitoare stie sa faca, dupa care a aruncat o vraja rea peste toate apele din padure.

Cand au descoperit, asadar, un mic parau ce isi croia drum peste o albie plina de albe pietricele, fratele a vrut sa bea imediat din apa sa, dar sora a auzit cum valurile murmurau, "Intr-un tigru se va preface cine bea din apele mele, cine ma soarbe in tigru se va preschimba."

Sora a strigat cat a putut de repede, "Te rog, frate draga, nu bea din paraul asta, caci te vei transforma intr-o fiara salbatica si ma vei sfasia!"

Desi era peste masura de insetat, fratele a ascultat-o si a spus ca va astepta pana vor ajunge la un alt izvor. Atunci cand au dat peste o a doua apa curgatoare, aceasta glasuia, "Intr-un lup se va preface cine bea din apele mele, cine ma soarbe intr-un lup se va preschimba."

Din nou, sora a strigat din toate puterile, "Te rog, draga frate, nu bea, caci te vei transforma intr-un lup si ma vei manca!"

Fratele s-a abtinut sa se atinga de apa, si a zis, "Voi mai astepta pana la urmatorul izvor, dar acolo va trebui sa beau indiferent ce imi vei spune, pentru ca setea care ma stapaneste este mult prea mare."

Au ajuns, apoi, la un al treilea izvor, iar sora i-a auzit valurile susurand, "Intr-un cerb se va preface cine bea din apele mele, cine ma soarbe intr-un cerb tanar se va preschimba."

Sora a exclamat iarasi, "Vai, frate draga, te rog nu bea, caci te vei transforma intr-un cerb si vei fugi departe de mine!"

Fratele ei ingenunchease insa deja pe malul izvorului si bause din apa. De indata ce cel dintai strop i-a atins buzele, s-a preschimbat intr-un cerb.

Sora a plans cu lacrimi amare transformarea bietului ei frate, iar el a stat, plin de tristete, in preajma ei. In cele din urma, fata a zis, "Nu te ingrijora, draga cerbule, pentru ca nu te voi parasi niciodata."
Dupa aceea, si-a desfacut lantul de aur de la gat si l-a pus in jurul grumazului cerbului, a adunat cat de multe crengute de trestie a putut gasi si a impletit din ele un lat moale, cu care a legat de gat cerbul, si a mers cu el tot mai adanc in padure. Au batut cale indelungata pana ce au ajuns in dreptul unei mici case. Fata s-a uitat inauntru si dat seama ca era parasita, asa ca s-a gandit, "Am putea sa locuim aici." A adunat frunze si muschi pentru a incropi un culcus pentru cerb, si, apoi, in fiecare dimineata a mers in padure culegand fructe si radacini pentru ea, si iarba proaspata drept hrana pentru cerb. Acesta manca cu bucurie din mana ei si zburda prin preajma sa. La lasarea noptii, cuprinsa de oboseala, fata isi spunea rugaciunea si isi aseza capul pe spatele cerbului, ce ii servea drept moale perna, atipind molcom, pe nesimtite. Daca fratele ei si-ar fi recapatat infatisarea de om, ar fi avut, cu adevarat, o viata tare frumoasa!

In acest fel, cei doi au trait o vreme singuri in salbaticie. S-a intamplat insa ca intr-o zi regele din acea tara sa porneasca la o mare vanatoare prin padure. Ecourile cornurilor, latratul cainilor, si strigatele ademenitoare ale vanatorilor rasunau prin tot codrul, iar cerbul era strabatut de neastampar, dorindu-si sa ia parte la toate acestea.

"Ah," i-a spus sorei sale, "lasa-ma sa ma duc la vanatoare, nu mai pot rezista sa stau locului." A rugat-o atat de mult si de fierbinte incat, in cele din urma, ea a consimtit.

"Ai totusi grija," i-a spus ea, "intoarce-te inapoi la mine diseara. Va trebui sa zavorasc usa pentru a ma pazi de necioplitii vanatori si, pentru a sti ca esti tu, sa ciocanesti si sa zici, "Surioara, lasa-ma inauntru." Pana nu voi auzi cuvintele acestea, nu voi deschide usa!" Apoi, cerbul a zbughit-o in padure, simtindu-se fericit si plin de voie buna sub cerul descoperit. Regele si vanatorii sai au zarit frumosul animal si au inceput sa-l urmareasca, dar nu au reusit sa puna mana pe el intrucat, ori de cate ori se apropiau de dansul, cerbul tasnea pe deasupra tufisurilor si se facea nevazut. Dupa ce s-a intunecat, el s-a intors la casuta, a batut la usa, si a grait, "Surioara, lasa-ma inauntru." Usa i-a fost deschisa in graba, a intrat in casa si s-a odihnit toata noaptea pe culcusul sau moale.

A doua zi dimineata, vanatoarea a reinceput, iar la auzul cornurilor si a strigatelor vanatorilor cerbul nu a mai avut liniste si s-a rugat, "Suriora, da-mi voie sa ies afara, trebuie neaparat sa plec."

Sora i-a deschis usa si i-a reamintit, "Ai grija ca atunci cand revii diseara acasa sa imi spui cuvintele pe care te-am invatat." Imediat ce regele si vanatorii sai au vazut iarasi cerbul cu un lant de aur in jurul grumazului, l-au urmarit indeaproape, dar el era prea spinten pentru a fi prins. Oameni l-au fugarit intreaga zi, si, pana la urma, au reusit sa il inconjoare, iar unul dintre ei l-a ranit la picior cu o sageata, asa ca cerbul a inceput sa schioapete si a alergat cu mai putina iuteala. Un vanator a putut astfel sa il urmeze pe furis pana la mica casa si l-a auzit strigand, "Surioara, lasa-ma inauntru." Apoi, a vazut cum usa se deschide si se inchide in urma cerbului. Vanatorul s-a dus inapoi la rege si i-a povestit tot ce vazuse si auzise, iar suveranul a dat porunca, "Maine vom vana din nou!"

Sora s-a inspaimantat vazand ca cerbul a fost ranit. I-a spalat piciorul, i-a acoperit rana cu frunze vindecatoare, si a spus, "Aseza-te in culcusul tau, drag cerb, odihneste-te si curand te vei face bine." Rana nu era prea grava si cerbul s-a simtit cat se poate de vioi a doua zi dimineata. Ajungandu-i din nou la urechi zarva vanatorii, a zis, "Nu mai pot ramane aici, trebuie sa ma duc iarasi in padure. De asta data, nu se vor mai apropia de mine!"

Sora a inceput sa planga si sa se jeleasca, "Stiu ca vei fi ucis, iar eu voi ramane singura in codru, fara nimeni de nadejde alaturi de mine. Nu te pot lasa sa pleci!"

"Atunci voi muri aici, din pricina dorului de vanatoare," i-a raspuns cerbul. "Cand aud sunetul cornului, ma simt ca si cum as fi gata sa ies din propria mea piele."

Vazand ca nu are cum sa-l opreasca, cu inima grea, sora i-a deschis usa, iar cerbul s-a napustit in padure, plin de vigoare si voiosie.

Imediat ce l-a zarit, regele le-a poruncit gonacilor sai, "Urmariti-l pana se innopteaza, si aveti grija sa nu-l raniti." Indata ce soarele a apus, i-a zis vanatorului sau credincios, "Vino cu mine si arata-mi unde e casuta din padure." Cum a ajuns la usa colibei, regele a coborat din sa si a strigat, "Surioara, lasa-ma sa intru." Usa s-a deschis, regele a pasit inauntru si a dat ochii cu cea mai frumoasa fata pe care o vazuse vreodata. Fata s-a speriat zarind in locul cerbului un barbat cu o coroana de aur pe cap. Suveranul s-a uitat cu blandete la ea, a luat-o de mana si a intrebat, "N-ai vrea sa mergi la castelul meu si sa devii iubita mea sotie?"

"Ah, da," i-a raspuns fata, "dar cerbul trebuie sa vina cu mine. Nu-l pot parasi!" Regele a spus, "El va ramane cu tine atata timp cat vei trai, si nu va duce lipsa de nimic." Apoi, a sosit in goana si cerbul, iar fata a legat funia din crengi in jurul gatului sau, si l-a condus afara din casa.

Regele a luat frumoasa fata pe calul sau si a dus-o la palatul lui, unde a avut loc o nunta ca in povesti. In acest fel, a devenit regina si a trait fericita o vreme. Cerbul, bine ingrijit si hranit, obisnuia sa zburde prin gradina palatului.

Rautacioasa mama vitrega, din cauza careia copiii fugisera in lume, era convinsa ca fata sfarsise prin a fi mancata de animalele salbatice din padure, si ca fratele ei, preschimbat in cerb, fusese ucis de vanatori.
Cand a auzit, insa, ca cei doi erau atat de fericiti si ca lucrurile mersesera atat de bine pentru ei, invidia si ura au pus stapanire peste inima sa, nedandu-i deloc pace. Se gandea mereu cum sa aduca alte nenorociri asupra lor. Pana si fiica ei, urata ca dracul si cu un ochi lipsa, i se plangea, zicandu-i, "Eu nu am avut niciodata norocul de a ajunge regina."

"Nu te necaji," ii raspundea batrana vrajitoare, pentru a o alina, "Va veni si randul tau sa fii regina." Dupa o vreme, regina a dat nastere unui frumos baietel, dar, in acea zi, regele era plecat la vanatoare. Vrajitoarea s-a transformat intr-o servitoare din palat, a intrat in camera unde zacea, epuizata, regina, si i-a grait, "Veniti, baia este gata! Va va improspata si invigora! Repede, pana nu se raceste!" Ajutata de fiica ei, batrana a dus-o pe suferinda regina in baie si a aprins acolo un mare foc pentru a o innabusi cu fum.

Dupa aceea, vrajitoarea a luat-o cu ea pe fiica-sa, i-a pus o boneta pe cap, a asezat-o in patul regelui si a facut un farmec prin care i-a dat infatisarea reginei, nereusind insa sa in puna inapoi ochiul lipsa. Pentru ca regele sa nu bage de seama acesta inselatorie, fata vrajitoarei s-a intins pe pat pe partea in care nu avea ochiul. Seara, regele a ajuns acasa, si auzind ca i s-a nascut un fiu, s-a bucurat din toata inima si a mers la capataiul sotiei sale pentru a vedea cum se simte. Batrana i-a strigat, "Pentru numele lui Dumnezeu, trage perdelele si nu lasa lumina sa patrunda in camera, caci nevasta ta trebuie sa se odihneasca!" Regele a plecat de acolo, fara a sti ca in dormitorul regal se gasea o falsa regina.

La miezul noptii, cand toata lumea dormea, doica ce veghea copilul nou nascut a vazut cum usa se deschide si adevarata regina intra inlauntru. Ea a luat copilul din leagan, l-a asezat la piept si l-a hranit. Apoi, i-a aranjat pernuta, a asezat bebelusul inapoi in patut, si l-a acoperit cu plapumioara sa. Nu l-a uitat nici pe cerb, ci a mers pana la cotlonul unde isi avea salas, si l-a mangaiat cu iubire pe spate. Dupa aceea, a iesit, fara a face vreun zgomot, pe usa. A doua zi, doica i-a intrebat pe strajeri daca vazusera pe cineva intrand in castel in timpul noptii, iar acestia i-au raspuns ca nu zarisera pe nimeni.

Regina si-a facut astfel aparitia, fara a spune vreo vorba, mai multe nopti la rand, in camera copilasului. Doica a vazut-o de fiecare data, dar nu a indraznit sa spuna cuiva despre asta.

Dupa catava vreme, intr-una din aceste vizite, regina a prins glas si a spus:

"Copilul meu, cerbul meu, de inca doua ori voi veni sa va vad,
De inca doua ori voi sosi, si apoi va veni sfarsitul."

Doica nu a ingaimat nici o vorba, insa, de indata ce regina a plecat, s-a dus in fuga la rege si i-a povestit ce se intamplase. Regele a zis, "Vai, cerurilor! Ce imi este dat sa aud! Maine noapte voi veni eu insumi sa-l veghez pe copil." Zis si facut. Catre seara, el si-a facut aparitia in odaia copilasului, iar la miezul noptii s-a ivit si regina, spunand:

"Copilul meu, cerbul meu, inca o data voi veni sa va vad,
Inca o data voi sosi, si apoi va veni sfarsitul."

Si-a hranit si mangaiat copilasul, asa cum facea mereu, si apoi a disparut. Regele nu a cutezat sa-i vorbeasca, dar, in urmatoarea noapte, a zarit-o din nou si a auzit-o murmurand:

"Copilul meu, cerbul meu, acum e ultima data cand vin sa va vad,
Ultima oara cand sosesc, si acum trebuie sa vina sfarsitul!"

Regele nu s-a mai putut stapani si a fugit pana la ea, glasuindu-i, "Nu esti altcineva decat draga mea sotie!" Ea i-a raspuns, "Asa este, eu sunt iubita-ti nevasta!" In acea clipa, prin milostivirea cerurilor, viata a revenit in ea, regina fiind din nou sanatoasa si viguroasa. Apoi, i-a povestit regelui despre capcana ce ii fusese intinsa de reaua vrajitoare si fiica sa.

Regele le-a adus pe cele doua netrebnice la judecata si le-a dat o sentinta bine meritata. Fiica vrajitoarei a fost trimisa in padure, unde a fost mancata de fiarele salbatice, iar mama ei a fost arsa pe rug, sfarsindu-si viata in mari chinuri. Imediat ce trupul ei s-a prefacut in cenusa, vraja aruncata peste cerb s-a destramat, iar el a capatat iarasi infatisare de om. Dupa aceea, sora si fratele au trait fericiti impreuna pana la adanci batraneti.

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