The robber bridegroom

There was once a miller who had a beautiful daughter, and when she was grown up he became anxious that she should be well married and taken care of; so he thought, If a decent sort of man comes and asks her in marriage, I will give her to him. Soon after a suitor came forward who seemed very well to do, and as the miller knew nothing to his disadvantage, he promised him his daughter. But the girl did not seem to love him as a bride should love her bridegroom; she had no confidence in him; as often as she saw him or thought about him, she felt a chill at her heart. One day he said to her, You are to be my bride, and yet you have never been to see me. The girl answered, I do not know where your house is. Then he said, My house is a long way in the wood.
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The best fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm

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