The pink



There was once on a time a Queen to whom God had given no children. Every morning she went into the garden and prayed to God in heaven to bestow on her a son or a daughter. Then an angel from heaven came to her and said, "Be at rest, thou shalt have a son with the power of wishing, so that whatsoever in the world he wishes for, that shall he have." Then she went to the King, and told him the joyful tidings, and when the time was come she gave birth to a son, and the King was filled with gladness. Every morning she went with the child to the garden where the wild beasts were kept, and washed herself there in a clear stream. It happened once when the child was a little older, that it was lying in her arms and she fell asleep. Then came the old cook, who knew that the child had the power of wishing, and stole it away, and he took a hen, and cut it in pieces, and dropped some of its blood on the Queen's apron and on her dress. Then he carried the child away to a secret place, where a nurse was obliged to suckle it, and he ran to the King and accused the Queen of having allowed her child to be taken from her by the wild beasts. When the King saw the blood on her apron, he believed this, fell into such a passion that he ordered a high tower to be built, in which neither sun nor moon could be seen, and had his wife put into it, and walled up. Here she was to stay for seven years without meat or drink, and die of hunger. But God sent two angels from heaven in the shape of white doves, which flew to her twice a day, and carried her food until the seven years were over.
The cook, however, thought to himself, "If the child has the power of wishing, and I am here, he might very easily get me into trouble." So he left the palace and went to the boy, who was already big enough to speak, and said to him, "Wish for a beautiful palace for thyself with a garden, and all else that pertains to it." Scarcely were the words out of the boy's mouth, when everything was there that he had wished for. After a while the cook said to him, "It is not well for thee to be so alone, wish for a pretty girl as a companion." Then the King's son wished for one, and she immediately stood before him, and was more beautiful than any painter could have painted her. The two played together, and loved each other with all their hearts, and the old cook went out hunting like a nobleman. The thought, however, occurred to him that the King's son might some day wish to be with his father, and thus bring him into great peril. So he went out and took the maiden aside, and said, "To-night when the boy is asleep, go to his bed and plunge this knife into his heart, and bring me his heart and tongue, and if thou dost not do it, thou shalt lose thy life." Thereupon he went away, and when he returned next day she had not done it, and said, "Why should I shed the blood of an innocent boy who has never harmed any one?" The cook once more said, "If thou dost not do it, it shall cost thee thy own life." When he had gone away, she had a little hind brought to her, and ordered her to be killed, and took her heart and tongue, and laid them on a plate, and when she saw the old man coming, she said to the boy, "Lie down in thy bed, and draw the clothes over thee." Then the wicked wretch came in and said, "Where are the boy's heart and tongue?" The girl reached the plate to him, but the King's son threw off the quilt, and said, "Thou old sinner, why didst thou want to kill me? Now will I pronounce thy sentence. Thou shalt become a black poodle and have a gold collar round thy neck, and shalt eat burning coals, till the flames burst forth from thy throat." And when he had spoken these words, the old man was changed into a poodle dog, and had a gold collar round his neck, and the cooks were ordered to bring up some live coals, and these he ate, until the flames broke forth from his throat. The King's son remained there a short while longer, and he thought of his mother, and wondered if she were still alive. At length he said to the maiden, "I will go home to my own country; if thou wilt go with me, I will provide for thee." - "Ah," she replied, "the way is so long, and what shall I do in a strange land where I am unknown?" As she did not seem quite willing, and as they could not be parted from each other, he wished that she might be changed into a beautiful pink, and took her with him. Then he went away to his own country, and the poodle had to run after him. He went to the tower in which his mother was confined, and as it was so high, he wished for a ladder which would reach up to the very top. Then he mounted up and looked inside, and cried, "Beloved mother, Lady Queen, are you still alive, or are you dead?" She answered, "I have just eaten, and am still satisfied," for she thought the angels were there. Said he, "I am your dear son, whom the wild beasts were said to have torn from your arms; but I am alive still, and will speedily deliver you." Then he descended again, and went to his father, and caused himself to be announced as a strange huntsman, and asked if he could give him a place. The King said yes, if he was skilful and could get game for him, he should come to him, but that deer had never taken up their quarters in any part of the district or country. Then the huntsman promised to procure as much game for him as he could possibly use at the royal table. So he summoned all the huntsmen together, and bade them go out into the forest with him. And he went with them and made them form a great circle, open at one end where he stationed himself, and began to wish. Two hundred deer and more came running inside the circle at once, and the huntsmen shot them. Then they were all placed on sixty country carts, and driven home to the King, and for once he was able to deck his table with game, after having had none at all for years.

Now the King felt great joy at this, and commanded that his entire household should eat with him next day, and made a great feast. When they were all assembled together, he said to the huntsmen, "As thou art so clever, thou shalt sit by me." He replied, "Lord King, your majesty must excuse me, I am a poor huntsman." But the King insisted on it, and said, "Thou shalt sit by me," until he did it. Whilst he was sitting there, he thought of his dearest mother, and wished that one of the King's principal servants would begin to speak of her, and would ask how it was faring with the Queen in the tower, and if she were alive still, or had perished. Hardly had he formed the wish than the marshal began, and said, "Your majesty, we live joyously here, but how is the Queen living in the tower? Is she still alive, or has she died?" But the King replied, "She let my dear son be torn to pieces by wild beasts; I will not have her named." Then the huntsman arose and said, "Gracious lord father, she is alive still, and I am her son, and I was not carried away by wild beasts, but by that wretch the old cook, who tore me from her arms when she was asleep, and sprinkled her apron with the blood of a chicken." Thereupon he took the dog with the golden collar, and said, "That is the wretch!" and caused live coals to be brought, and these the dog was compelled to devour before the sight of all, until flames burst forth from its throat. On this the huntsman asked the King if he would like to see the dog in his true shape, and wished him back into the form of the cook, in the which he stood immediately, with his white apron, and his knife by his side. When the King saw him he fell into a passion, and ordered him to be cast into the deepest dungeon. Then the huntsman spoke further and said, "Father, will you see the maiden who brought me up so tenderly and who was afterwards to murder me, but did not do it, though her own life depended on it?" The King replied, "Yes, I would like to see her." The son said, "Most gracious father, I will show her to you in the form of a beautiful flower," and he thrust his hand into his pocket and brought forth the pink, and placed it on the royal table, and it was so beautiful that the King had never seen one to equal it. Then the son said, "Now will I show her to you in her own form," and wished that she might become a maiden, and she stood there looking so beautiful that no painter could have made her look more so.

And the King sent two waiting-maids and two attendants into the tower, to fetch the Queen and bring her to the royal table. But when she was led in she ate nothing, and said, "The gracious and merciful God who has supported me in the tower, will speedily deliver me." She lived three days more, and then died happily, and when she was buried, the two white doves which had brought her food to the tower, and were angels of heaven, followed her body and seated themselves on her grave. The aged King ordered the cook to be torn in four pieces, but grief consumed the King's own heart, and he soon died. His son married the beautiful maiden whom he had brought with him as a flower in his pocket, and whether they are still alive or not, is known to God.
从前有个王后,上帝没赐给她孩子。 每天早上她都要到花园里去祈祷上帝赐给她一儿半女。 后来上帝派来一个天使对她说:"放心吧,你会有个儿子,而且他有将希望变成现实的能力,世界上任何东西,只要他想要就可以得到。"王后把这个好消息告诉了国王。 不久王后果真生了个儿子,国王万分高兴。
王后每天早上都带着孩子到豢养着各种野兽的花园里去,在一条清澈的溪水里沐浴,孩子渐渐长大了。 一天,小王子躺在母亲怀里,王后打着盹,有个老厨师走了过来,知道这孩子有将希望变成现实的能力,就把他偷走了,藏到了一个秘密的地方,找了个奶妈哺乳他。 然后他杀了只鸡,将鸡血滴在王后的围裙和衣服上。 接着他来到国王面前指责王后不该大意,使孩子被野兽吃了。 国王看到王后身上的血迹就信以为真,陷入了极度的悲伤之中。 他命人修建了一座高得不见天日的塔楼,将王后关了起来,要关她七年,不给她送饭送水,让她慢慢饿死。 上帝派了两个天使变成两只白鸽,每天送两次食物,一送就是七年。
厨师心想:"如果孩子真的有实现愿望的力量而我又在宫里,没准会给我找麻烦。"所以他离开王宫来到藏孩子的地方,对已经能说话了的王子说:"你让自己希望有一座漂亮而且带花园的宫殿吧,还要有和它相配套的各种用品才行。"孩子话音刚落,一切便已经在他眼前了。 过了一会儿,厨师又对他说:"你一个人孤孤单单的不好。要个漂亮姑娘给你作伴吧。"王子刚说要,一位美伦美奂的姑娘就已经站在他面前了,任何一个画家都无法描画她的美貌。 他们两人一起做游戏,全心全意地爱着对方。 厨师则像个贵族那样出门打猎去了。 他突然想起没准有一天王子会希望和父亲生活在一起,那他岂不是面临杀身之祸了! 于是他回来,抓住了姑娘说:"今晚等这孩子睡着了,你到他床边去拿他那把剑插进他胸口,把他的舌头和心脏取出来给我。要不然我就要你的命!"说完就走了。
第二天回来,姑娘不但没有照他的吩咐去做,还反问:"我为什么要杀一个无辜的孩子呢?他可从来没伤害过任何人。"厨师又说:"如果你不按我要求的做,我就要你的命。"等他走了以后,姑娘让人抓来一头鹿杀了 ,取出心脏和舌头放在盘子里。 当她看到老头走过来时,赶紧对小男孩说:"快躺下,用衣服蒙住自己。"那恶棍进门就问:"孩子的心和舌头呢?"姑娘端着盘子递给老厨师,可王子一把掀开被子,说:"你这个老坏蛋!为什么要杀我?我现在就定你的罪:变成一只黑卷毛狗,脖子上套着金项圈,你得吃烧红的炭,直到你喉咙里冒火为止。"刚说完,老头就变成了一只黑狗,脖子上套着个金项圈不能乱动。 王子命人拿来烧红的炭火,黑狗只好往嘴里塞,直吃得喉咙里往外冒火苗。
王子站了一会儿,想起了母亲,不知道她是不是还活着。 他对姑娘说:"我要回到自己国家去。如果你愿意和我一起去,我会为你提供一切所需要的东西。""唉呀,路那么远,"姑娘回答说,"而且又是到一个陌生的国家,谁都不认识我,我去干什么呢?"她似乎不大愿意同去,可王子又不愿意就此分手,所以希望她变成一株美丽的石竹花带在身边。 接着,王子出发了,那只黑狗只好跟在后面跑。 王子来到囚禁母亲的那座高高的塔楼,希望能有架长梯让他能爬到顶上去,梯子就真的出现了。 他爬到顶上朝下喊:"亲爱的王后陛下,您还活着么?"王后回答说:"我刚吃完饭,这会儿还饱着呢。"王后还以为是那两个天使呢。 王子又说:"我是您亲爱的儿子呀!以前你以为我被野兽吃了,可我还活着,我要救您出来!"
他爬下塔楼去见父亲。 开始他让人通报说自己是个猎人,问国王是否需要他做什么。 国王说只要他精通狩猎,能捕获猎物就行。 那时候,这个国家还从来没有过鹿,猎人答应去捕鹿,而且说王宫里要多少就捕多少。 他把所有的猎手都召集到森林里,围成一个大圈,自己站的那头留了个缺口,然后说出他的希望,立刻就有两百只鹿在包围圈里四处奔逃。 猎手们纷纷射杀,捕获的猎物将带来的六十辆大车都装满了。 这是许多年来国王第一次捕到这么多猎物,他因此十分高兴,下令第二天王宫上下都来参加盛大宴会,和他一起共享猎物。 等大家都到齐了,国王对猎人说:"既然你如此聪明,坐到我身边来吧。"可猎人回答:"国王陛下,您千万要宽恕我无法从命,因为我不过是个普通猎人而已。"可国王坚持说:"你坐在我旁边。"猎人就坐下了。 他想到了最亲爱的母亲,希望国王身边的近臣能提起她,问一问塔楼里的王后是否仍然活着之类的话题。 这念头刚出现,就听到礼仪官说:"陛下,我们在此欢庆,不知塔楼里的王后怎么样了?还活着没有?"可是国王说:"别提起她!谁叫她让野兽吃了我亲爱的儿子!"猎人站起来说:"尊敬的父王陛下,我就是您的儿子,王后还活着,我也没有被野兽吃了。是邪恶的厨师趁母后打瞌睡的时候把我偷走了,然后杀了一只鸡,撒了一些鸡血在她的衣裙上。"说着就将那只黑狗牵上前来,说:"这就是那个恶棍。"又叫人取来通红的炭火,黑狗在众目睽睽之下吞食炭火,直吃得火苗从喉咙里往外窜。 猎人又问国王要不要看看狗恢复本来面目,然后将这个希望说了出来。 狗立刻回复到厨师原来的样子:穿着白围裙,手里拿着餐刀。 国王一看到厨师,十分痛恨,立刻下令将他关进最深的地牢里去了。 猎人又说:"父王,您是不是愿意看看将我扶养长大的那位姑娘?厨师曾要求她杀死我,否则要她的命,可她还是没杀。"国王说:"我愿意见她。"儿子说:"尊敬的父王,我愿意让她以一种美丽的鲜花的面貌来见您。"说着从口袋里掏出一枝漂亮的石竹花,国王从来没见过比这更漂亮的花呢。 儿子说:"我现在让她恢复原形吧。"他将希望说出来,鲜花马上变成了一个美貌的姑娘,世界上哪个画家都无法画出她的美貌来。
国王派了两个女侍和两个男侍去塔楼将王后接到了宴席厅。 但是王后什么都没吃,只说:"当我在塔楼里时,仁慈的上帝一直关照我,他很快就会让我解脱了。"她活了三天,然后就幸福地死去了。 下葬那天 ,那两个给她送食物的天使变成两只白鸽跟随她到了墓地,并停留在她墓冢上。 尽管老国王下令将厨师处以分尸的极刑,可悲伤仍使他的心灵倍受折磨,他不久也去世了。 他的儿子和被他变成石竹花带回来的美丽姑娘结了婚,不过只有上帝才知道现在他们是不是还活着。

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