The three army-surgeons



Three army-surgeons who thought they knew their art perfectly, were travelling about the world, and they came to an inn where they wanted to pass the night. The host asked whence they came, and whither they were going? "We are roaming about the world and practising our art." - "Just show me for once in a way what you can do," said the host. Then the first said he would cut off his hand, and put it on again early next morning; the second said he would tear out his heart, and replace it next morning; the third said he would cut out his eyes and heal them again next morning. "If you can do that," said the innkeeper, "you have learnt everything." They, however, had a salve, with which they rubbed themselves, which joined parts together, and they carried the little bottle in which it was, constantly with them. Then they cut the hand, heart and eyes from their bodies as they had said they would, and laid them all together on a plate, and gave it to the innkeeper. The innkeeper gave it to a servant who was to set it in the cupboard, and take good care of it. The girl, however, had a lover in secret, who was a soldier. When therefore the innkeeper, the three army-surgeons, and everyone else in the house were asleep, the soldier came and wanted something to eat. The girl opened the cupboard and brought him some food, and in her love forgot to shut the cupboard-door again; She seated herself at the table by her lover, and they chattered away together. While she sat so contentedly there, thinking of no ill luck, the cat came creeping in, found the cupboard open, took the hand and heart and eyes of the three army-surgeons, and ran off with them. When the soldier had done eating, and the girl was taking away the things and going to shut the cupboard she saw that the plate which the innkeeper had given her to take care of, was empty. Then she said in a fright to her lover, "Ah, miserable girl, what shall I do? The hand is gone, the heart and the eyes are gone too, what will become of me in the morning?" - "Be easy," said he, "I will help thee out of thy trouble there is a thief hanging outside on the gallows, I will cut off his hand. Which hand was it?" - "The right one." Then the girl gave him a sharp knife, and he went and cut the poor sinner's right hand off, and brought it to her. After this he caught the cat and cut its eyes out, and now nothing but the heart was wanting. "Have you not been killing, and are not the dead pigs in the cellar?" said he. "Yes," said the girl. "That's well," said the soldier, and he went down and fetched a pig's heart. The girl placed all together on the plate, and put it in the cupboard, and when after this her lover took leave of her, she went quietly to bed.
In the morning when the three army-surgeons got up, they told the girl she was to bring them the plate on which the hand, heart, and eyes were lying. Then she brought it out of the cupboard, and the first fixed the thief's hand on and smeared it with his salve, and it grew to his arm directly. The second took the cat's eyes and put them in his own head. The third fixed the pig's heart firm in the place where his own had been, and the innkeeper stood by, admired their skill, and said he had never yet seen such a thing as that done, and would sing their praises and recommend them to everyone. Then they paid their bill, and travelled farther.

As they were on their way, the one with the pig's heart did not stay with them at all, but wherever there was a corner he ran to it, and rooted about in it with his nose as pigs do. The others wanted to hold him back by the tail of his coat, but that did no good; he tore himself loose, and ran wherever the dirt was thickest. The second also behaved very strangely; he rubbed his eyes, and said to the others, "Comrades, what is the matter? I don't see at all. Will one of you lead me, so that I do not fall." Then with difficulty they travelled on till evening, when they reached another inn. They went into the bar together, and there at a table in the corner sat a rich man counting money. The one with the thief's hand walked round about him, made a sudden movement twice with his arm, and at last when the stranger turned away, he snatched at the pile of money, and took a handful from it. One of them saw this, and said, "Comrade, what art thou about? Thou must not steal shame on thee!" - "Eh," said he, "but how can I stop myself? My hand twitches, and I am forced to snatch things whether I will or not."

After this, they lay down to sleep, and while they were lying there it was so dark that no one could see his own hand. All at once the one with the cat's eyes awoke, aroused the others, and said. "Brothers, just look up, do you see the white mice running about there?" The two sat up, but could see nothing. Then said he, "Things are not right with us, we have not got back again what is ours. We must return to the innkeeper, he has deceived us." They went back therefore, the next morning, and told the host they had not got what was their own again; that the first had a thief's hand, the second cat's eyes, and the third a pig's heart. The innkeeper said that the girl must be to blame for that, and was going to call her, but when she had seen the three coming, she had run out by the backdoor, and not come back. Then the three said he must give them a great deal of money, or they would set his house on fire. He gave them what he had, and whatever he could get together, and the three went away with it. It was enough for the rest of their lives, but they would rather have had their own proper organs.
三个军医一起环游世界,他们自认医术很高明。 这天他们来到了一家旅馆想要投宿。 店主问他们从哪里来到哪儿去。 "我们周游世界,行医济世。""让我看看你们的本事。"店主说。 于是第一个夸耀说他能砍下一只手,第二天清晨又能把它接上;第二个则说自己能把心脏破开,次日清晨又能让它复原;第三位说自己能挖去双眼,次日清晨又能将双眼治愈。 店主说:"如果你们真能做到那些事情,那你们就算学到家了。"而事实上,他们有一种药膏,用它来涂什么,什么部分就会立即愈合。 他们总是把这中药膏装在小瓶中,随身携带。 他们于是遵照所说的,把手、心和双眼从自己的身上弄了下来,一起放在一个盘子里交给了店主。 店主把盘子交给了女仆,由她放进碗橱里并嘱悉心保管。 这个女仆私下有一个当兵的情人,他等店主、三个军医以及房子里的其他人都睡着后,跑过来想吃点东西。 女仆把碗橱打开给他拿了些吃的,但沉溺于爱河中的她却忘了把橱门关上。 她依偎在爱人的身边,坐在餐桌旁,两人便甜言蜜语起来。 她心满意足地坐在那儿,想不到不幸的事发生了,一只猫突然悄无声息地溜了进来,看见橱门洞开,便不管三七二十一地把三个军医的手、心和双眼都叼走了。 等士兵吃完,女仆去收拾残羹准备关橱门时,她才发现先前店主交给她看管的盘子已空了。 这下女仆可吓坏了,只听她对爱人说:"妈呀,我这可怜的人该怎么办呢?手不见了,心和双眼也不见了,谁知道明早我会怎么样呢?""别担心,"他说,"我会帮你的。现在外面不是有个贼正吊在绞架上吗,等我去把他的手砍下来。是哪只手来着?""右手。"于是女仆给了他一把快刀,那士兵便把那可怜人的右手给砍了下来交给了女仆。 后来,他又捉到一只猫,挖出它的双眼,现在只有那颗心没弄到手。 "你不是一直在杀猪宰羊吗?那些死猪不是放在地窖里吗?"他问。 "是的,"女仆说。 "太好了。"士兵说完便下到地窖里取来了猪心。 女仆把它们都放在盘子里,又把盘子放进碗橱里,等爱人离开后,她也"很快上床睡觉了。
三个军医清早醒来,让女仆把放着他们手、心和双眼的盘子拿过来。 女仆把盘子从碗橱里拿了出来。 第一个军医马上把那个贼的手给装上,并抹上药膏,那只手很快就长在他的胳膊上了。 第二个军医取出那双猫眼,把它们安在自己的眼眶里。 第三个军医把那颗猪心安在自己的体内。 店主站在一旁,对他们的技艺称羡不已,说自己从未见过如此奇妙的事情,并要在人们面前称赞他们介绍他们。 三个军医付了房钱继续赶路了。
一路上,那个长了猪心的军医根本不和同伴在一块儿,反而看到什么地方有角落他就向哪里跑,并像猪那样用他的鼻子拱土。 另外两位想拽住他的衣角阻止他,但也无济于事,他全身懒洋洋地总是朝最脏的地方跑。 第二位军医也同样行为怪异,他擦了擦自己的眼睛,对其他两位说:"伙计们,这是怎么回事?这不是我的眼睛!我什么也看不见,你们谁能领着我,这样我就不会摔跤。"于是他们费了好大的劲往前走,直到黄昏时到了另一家小旅馆。 他们一起走进酒吧,见屋子的拐角处坐着一个富人,手里正数着钱,长着贼手的那个军医便在他身边晃悠,用手臂做了几个试探的动作,最后等陌生人不当心,军医赶紧按住那堆钱,从中偷了一把。 其中一个军医见状大呼:"伙计,你要干吗?你不准偷东西,真可耻!""唉,"他叹道,"但我有什么办法?我的手在抽搐,不管我愿意还是不愿意,我非抓不可。"
这以后,他们躺下来休息了。 那天天暗得要命,伸手不见五指,那个长着猫眼的军医忽然醒了,他吵醒了其他两位并说:"兄弟们 ,看看吧,你们看到了那只窜来窜去的白耗子吗? "另两个坐起来却什么也没看见。他又说:"大事不妙,我们并没有拿回我们自己的东西。 我们应该回去质问那店主,他骗了大家。 "于是次日清晨他们便返回小旅店,向店主说他们并没有得到他们自己的东西,第一个军医长了只贼手,第二个军医长了对猫眼,第三个军医长了颗猪心。店主说要怪那个女仆并把她唤了过来。女仆看到三位军医又返回来了,觉得事情不妙,便从后门偷偷溜走再没回来。三个军医要求店主赔偿一大笔钱,否则就要放火烧掉他的店子。店主把他所有的及能筹到的钱都给了他们,三个军医这才作罢离去,但他们宁愿要他们自己自己的器官。

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