God's food



There were once upon a time two sisters, one of whom had no children and was rich, and the other had five and was a widow, and so poor that she no longer had food enough to satisfy herself and her children. In her need, therefore, she went to her sister, and said, "My children and I are suffering the greatest hunger; thou art rich, give me a mouthful of bread." The very rich sister was as hard as a stone, and said, "I myself have nothing in the house," and drove away the poor creature with harsh words. After some time the husband of the rich sister came home, and was just going to cut himself a piece of bread, but when he made the first cut into the loaf, out flowed red blood. When the woman saw that she was terrified and told him what had occurred. He hurried away to help the widow and her children, but when he entered her room, he found her praying. She had her two youngest children in her arms, and the three eldest were lying dead. He offered her food, but she answered, "For earthly food have we no longer any desire. God has already satisfied the hunger of three of us, and he will hearken to our supplications likewise." Scarcely had she uttered these words than the two little ones drew their last breath, whereupon her heart broke, and she sank down dead.
从前有姊妹俩,一个膝下无子却很富裕;一个有五个儿女却是个寡妇,她穷得叮噹响连一家子都养不活。 为生计所迫,没办法,她只得到姐姐那儿去要,说:"我的孩子和我正饿得慌,你很有钱,给我们一口面包吧!"那个有钱的姐姐可是个铁石心肠,她居然说:"我连自己也没有什么吃的呢!"后来又恶言恶语地把可怜的妹妹打发走了。 过了一会儿,富姐姐的丈夫回来了,想切块面包吃。 等他切第一刀时,面包里竟流出了殷红的血液。 女人见了很害怕,便把妹妹要面包的事告诉了丈夫,丈夫急匆匆地赶到那寡妇家,准备给她点周济。 等他踏进寡妇的屋内时,只见她正在祈祷,怀里正抱着两个小孩,三个大的已躺在床上死去了。 他给了她些食物,但她却回答说:"我已不需人间的食物了,上帝已满足了我三个孩子的食欲,我们的祈求他一定会听见的。"说着两个孩子就断了气,于是她的心也碎了,倒下死了。

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