There was once a miller who was poor, but he had one beautiful daughter. It happened one day that he came to speak with the king, and, to give himself consequence, he told him that he had a daughter who could spin gold out of straw. The king said to the miller: "That is an art that pleases me well; if thy daughter is as clever as you say, bring her to my castle to-morrow, that I may put her to the proof."

When the girl was brought to him, he led her into a room that was quite full of straw, and gave her a wheel and spindle, and said: "Now set to work, and if by the early morning thou hast not spun this straw to gold thou shalt die." And he shut the door himself, and left her there alone. And so the poor miller's daughter was left there sitting, and could not think what to do for her life: she had no notion how to set to work to spin gold from straw, and her distress grew so great that she began to weep. Then all at once the door opened, and in came a little man, who said: "Good evening, miller's daughter; why are you crying?"

"Oh!" answered the girl, "I have got to spin gold out of straw, and I don't understand the business." Then the little man said: "What will you give me if I spin it for you?" - "My necklace," said the girl. The little man took the necklace, seated himself before the wheel, and whirr, whirr, whirr! three times round and the bobbin was full; then he took up another, and whirr, whirr, whirr! three times round, and that was full; and so he went on till the morning, when all the straw had been spun, and all the bobbins were full of gold.

At sunrise came the king, and when he saw the gold he was astonished and very much rejoiced, for he was very avaricious. He had the miller's daughter taken into another room filled with straw, much bigger than the last, and told her that as she valued her life she must spin it all in one night. The girl did not know what to do, so she began to cry, and then the door opened, and the little man appeared and said: "What will you give me if I spin all this straw into gold?"

"The ring from my finger," answered the girl. So the little man took the ring, and began again to send the wheel whirring round, and by the next morning all the straw was spun into glistening gold. The king was rejoiced beyond measure at the sight, but as he could never have enough of gold, he had the miller's daughter taken into a still larger room full of straw, and said: "This, too, must be spun in one night, and if you accomplish it you shall be my wife." For he thought: "Although she is but a miller's daughter, I am not likely to find any one richer in the whole world." As soon as the girl was left alone, the little man appeared for the third time and said: "What will you give me if I spin the straw for you this time?" - "I have nothing left to give," answered the girl. "Then you must promise me the first child you have after you are queen," said the little man. "But who knows whether that will happen?" thought the girl; but as she did not know what else to do in her necessity, she promised the little man what he desired, upon which he began to spin, until all the straw was gold. And when in the morning the king came and found all done according to his wish, he caused the wedding to be held at once, and the miller's pretty daughter became a queen.

In a year's time she brought a fine child into the world, and thought no more of the little man; but one day he came suddenly into her room, and said: "Now give me what you promised me." The queen was terrified greatly, and offered the little man all the riches of the kingdom if he would only leave the child; but the little man said: "No, I would rather have something living than all the treasures of the world." Then the queen began to lament and to weep, so that the little man had pity upon her. "I will give you three days," said he, "and if at the end of that time you cannot tell my name, you must give up the child to me."

Then the queen spent the whole night in thinking over all the names that she had ever heard, and sent a messenger through the land to ask far and wide for all the names that could be found. And when the little man came next day, (beginning with Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar) she repeated all she knew, and went through the whole list, but after each the little man said: "That is not my name." The second day the queen sent to inquire of all the neighbours what the servants were called, and told the little man all the most unusual and singular names, saying: "Perhaps you are called Roast-ribs, or Sheepshanks, or Spindleshanks?" But he answered nothing but: "That is not my name."

The third day the messenger came back again, and said: "I have not been able to find one single new name; but as I passed through the woods I came to a high hill, and near it was a little house, and before the house burned a fire, and round the fire danced a comical little man, and he hopped on one leg and cried:

"Today do I bake,
tomorrow I brew,
The day after that the queen's child comes in;
And oh! I am glad that nobody knew
That the name I am called is Rumpelstiltskin!"

You cannot think how pleased the queen was to hear that name, and soon afterwards, when the little man walked in and said: "Now, Mrs. Queen, what is my name?" she said at first "Are you called Jack?" - "No," answered he. "Are you called Harry?" she asked again. "No," answered he. And then she said": "Then perhaps your name is Rumpelstiltskin?"

"The devil told you that! the devil told you that!" cried the little man, and in his anger he stamped with his right foot so hard that it went into the ground above his knee; then he seized his left foot with both his hands in such a fury that he split in two, and there was an end of him.
谁知国王是个见钱眼开的人,一听磨坊主的话,马上就吩咐召见姑娘。 姑娘进宫之后,国王把她领到一间装满了稻草的屋子,然后给她一架纺车,吩咐她道:"明天天亮之前,你必须把稻草全给我纺成金子,不然的话,就处死你。"
姑娘坐在屋角里,面对自己的厄运,愁肠百结,于是就放声大哭起来。 正在这时,屋门突然打开了,一瘸一拐地走进来一个小矮子,样子滑稽可笑,他对姑娘说:"晚上好,姑娘。干嘛哭得这样伤心呢?"
小矮矮相信姑娘说的话,于是就坐到了纺车前。 纺车不停地转啊转,发出欢快的声音。 不大一会儿,活儿就干完了,满屋稻草全都纺成了金子。
国王进屋一看,真是又惊又喜,可他的心却变得更加贪婪。 他把磨坊主的女儿关进另一间有更多稻草的屋子,吩咐她再把这间屋子里的稻草纺成金子。 可怜的姑娘不知如何是好,坐在那里又哭了起来。 谁知正在这时,小矮子打开屋门问道:"要是我帮你纺,你拿什么酬谢我呢?"
于是,她的这个矮小的朋友接过了戒指,然后走到纺车前,纺了起来。 他不停地纺啊纺,天亮之前,终于把屋里的稻草全都纺成了金子。
"那可万万不行。"姑娘心里想,可是她现在已走投无路,就答应了他的要求。 小矮子又一次把稻草全都纺成了金子。
王后的第一个孩子出生了,她欢天喜地,却把小矮子和她自己的诺言给忘了。 谁知有一天,小矮子突然来到她的房间,提醒她不要忘记了自己许下的诺言。 对这突如其来的不幸,她悲痛欲绝,只得提出将王国所有的金银财宝都给他,作为交换的条件,可是小矮子说什么也不答应。 王后失声痛哭,哭得像个泪人似的,小矮子见了心也就软了下来,对她说道:"我宽限你三天时间,要是你在这三天之内能说出我的名字,你就把孩子留下。"
次日,小矮子又来了,她就开始把所有记得起来的名字都说了出来,什么迪姆斯啦,本杰明啦,简罗米啦,等等。 可是小矮子每听一个都说:"我不叫这个。"
第二天,她把听到过的滑稽名字都说了出来,什么罗圈腿啦,小罗锅啦,八字脚啦,诸如此类。 可是小矮子每听一个还是说:"我不叫这个。"

本人名叫龙佩尔斯迪尔钦! '"

王后听了高兴得跳了起来。 过了一会儿,小矮子又来了,进门便问:"王后,我叫什么名字啊?"王后回答说:"你是不是叫约翰哪?""不对!""那你是不是叫汤姆呢?""也不对!"
"肯定是巫婆告诉你的!肯定是巫婆告诉你的!"小矮子喊叫着,气得直跺脚,结果右脚深深地陷进了地里。 他不得不弯下腰去,用双手紧紧抱住小腿,用尽全身力气才拔了出来。 随后,他便急急忙忙溜走了,这场虚惊也就结束了,大伙于是开怀大笑。 王后后来再也没有见到过他。

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