The wise servant



How fortunate is the master, and how well all goes in his house, when he has a wise servant who listens to his orders and does not obey them, but prefers following his own wisdom. A clever John of this kind was once sent out by his master to seek a lost cow. He stayed away a long time, and the master thought, "Faithful John does not spare any pains over his work!" As, however, he did not come back at all, the master was afraid lest some misfortune had befallen him, and set out himself to look for him. He had to search a long time, but at last he perceived the boy who was running up and down a large field. "Now, dear John," said the master when he had got up to him, "hast thou found the cow which I sent thee to seek?" - "No, master," he answered, "I have not found the cow, but then I have not looked for it." - "Then what hast thou looked for, John?" - "Something better, and that luckily I have found." - "What is that, John?" - "Three blackbirds," answered the boy. "And where are they?" asked the master. "I see one of them, I hear the other, and I am running after the third," answered the wise boy.
如果主人有一个聪明的小伙计,他既顺从听话,又能凭着自己的聪明才智行事,那主人多幸运啊,他的家又该是多安乐! 曾有这样一位聪明的小伙计汉斯,一次主人让他去找回走失的牛,他出去后好长时间没回家,主人想:"汉厮多忠心,干起活来多卖力!"可这么晚他还没回来,主人担心他出意外,便亲自起身去找他。 他找了好久,最后总算瞧见汉斯在宽阔的田野另一头,正一蹦一跳地朝他迎面赶来。 "喂!亲爱的汉斯,我打发你去找牛,找到没有?"主人走近问。 "没有,老爷。我没有找到牛,不过我也没去找。"小伙计答道。 "那你去找什么了,汉斯?""找更好的东西,很幸运找到了。""是什么,汉斯?""三只山鸟。"小家伙答道。 "在哪里?"主人问。 "我见到一只,听到一只,然后拔腿去赶第三只。"聪明的小家伙回答道。

Take example by this, do not trouble yourselves about your masters or their orders, but rather do what comes into your head and pleases you, and then you will act just as wisely as prudent John.
学学榜样吧! 别再为主人或他们的命令犯愁。 想干什么,乐意怎么干,尽管去做,到时你肯定会像聪明的汉斯一样机智。

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