Gossip wolf and the fox (The fox and his cousin)



The she-wolf brought forth a young one, and invited the fox to be godfather. "After all, he is a near relative of ours," said she, "he has a good understanding, and much talent; he can instruct my little son, and help him forward in the world." The fox, too, appeared quite honest, and said, "Worthy Mrs. Gossip, I thank you for the honour which you are doing me; I will, however, conduct myself in such a way that you shall be repaid for it." He enjoyed himself at the feast, and made merry; afterwards he said, "Dear Mrs. Gossip, it is our duty to take care of the child, it must have good food that it may be strong. I know a sheep-fold from which we might fetch a nice morsel." The wolf was pleased with the ditty, and she went out with the fox to the farm-yard. He pointed out the fold from afar, and said, "You will be able to creep in there without being seen, and in the meantime I will look about on the other side to see if I can pick up a chicken." He, however, did not go there, but sat down at the entrance to the forest, stretched his legs and rested. The she-wolf crept into the stable. A dog was lying there, and it made such a noise that the peasants came running out, caught Gossip Wolf, and poured a strong burning mixture, which had been prepared for washing, over her skin. At last she escaped, and dragged herself outside. There lay the fox, who pretended to be full of complaints, and said, "Ah, dear Mistress Gossip, how ill I have fared, the peasants have fallen on me, and have broken every limb I have; if you do not want me to lie where I am and perish, you must carry me away." The she-wolf herself was only able to go away slowly, but she was in such concern about the fox that she took him on her back, and slowly carried him perfectly safe and sound to her house. Then the fox cried to her, "Farewell, dear Mistress Gossip, may the roasting you have had do you good," laughed heartily at her, and bounded off.
母狼生了一只小狼,于是请来狐狸当教父。 她说:"总之,狐狸是我们的近亲,见多识广而且头脑聪明;它能教好我儿子,帮他在世界上生存。"狐狸装得很诚实地说:"亲爱的高司普太太,感谢你对我的尊敬,我也要同样对待你,不辜负你的期望。"在宴席上,他非常高兴地尽情大吃,然后对狼妈妈说:"亲爱的高司普太太,我们有责任让孩子们吃得好吃得饱,这样他们才能长得结实强壮。我知道有个羊圈,我们可以轻而易举地搞到一块肥肉来。"狼一听,觉得不错,于是跟着狐狸来到农庄。 它指着远处的一群羊说:"你可以轻易地悄悄溜进去,我到另一边看看能不能抓只鸡回来。"其实它没去另一边,而是在森林的入口处坐了下来,伸直了腿脚休息。
母狼爬进羊圈,里面一只狗狂叫起来。 农夫听到了跑出来,逮住了母狼高司普,而且将一盆准备用来洗衣服的强碱性的水泼在了它身上。 母狼总算逃出来了,那只狐狸却假装很哀伤地说:"哦,亲爱的高司普太太,我真是不幸。农夫抓住了我,把我所有的脚指头都打断了。如果你不愿意看着我躺在这里死去,那你就背我回去吧。"母狼尽管自己也只能慢慢地走,可它很关心狐狸,把它驮到了背上,把这个没病没痛的教父背回了家。 这时,狐狸对母狼说:"再见,亲爱的高司普太太,愿你吃上一顿精美的烤肉。"它开心地笑着走了。

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