Brides on their trial



There was once a young shepherd who wished much to marry, and was acquainted with three sisters who were all equally pretty, so that it was difficult to him to make a choice, and he could not decide to give the preference to any one of them. Then he asked his mother for advice, and she said, "Invite all three, and set some cheese before them, and watch how they eat it." The youth did so; the first, however, swallowed the cheese with the rind on; the second hastily cut the rind off the cheese, but she cut it so quickly that she left much good cheese with it, and threw that away also; the third peeled the rind off carefully, and cut neither too much nor too little. The shepherd told all this to his mother, who said, "Take the third for thy wife." This he did, and lived contentedly and happily with her.
从前,有个牧羊人急于想娶个老婆。 他一下子认识了三姐妹,发现个个貌美,哪个也不差。 这下他可为难了,一时不知该选哪一个好。 他只好去问他母亲,母亲说:请她们三个一块儿来我们家,在她们面前摆些奶饼,看看她们怎么个吃法,年轻人照做了。 第一个连皮把奶饼一口吞了下去;第二个想先削皮,但一时匆忙,削去的皮上还留有许多奶酪,就把它给扔了;第三个去皮时很仔细,切得不多也不少。 牧羊人把这一切都看在眼里,然后告诉了他母亲,母亲说:"就挑第三个做你的媳妇吧!"牧羊人照办了,从此他俩过着幸福美满的生活。

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