Frau Trude



There was once a little girl who was obstinate and inquisitive, and when her parents told her to do anything, she did not obey them, so how could she fare well? One day she said to her parents, "I have heard so much of Frau Trude, I will go to her some day. People say that everything about her does look so strange, and that there are such odd things in her house, that I have become quite curious!" Her parents absolutely forbade her, and said, "Frau Trude is a bad woman, who does wicked things, and if thou goest to her; thou art no longer our child." But the maiden did not let herself be turned aside by her parent's prohibition, and still went to Frau Trude. And when she got to her, Frau Trude said, "Why art thou so pale?" - "Ah," she replied, and her whole body trembled, "I have been so terrified at what I have seen." - "What hast thou seen?" - "I saw a black man on your steps." - "That was a collier." - "Then I saw a green man." - "That was a huntsman." - "After that I saw a blood-red man." - "That was a butcher." - "Ah, Frau Trude, I was terrified; I looked through the window and saw not you, but, as I verily believe, the devil himself with a head of fire." - "Oho!" said she, "then thou hast seen the witch in her proper costume. I have been waiting for thee, and wanting thee a long time already; thou shalt give me some light." Then she changed the girl into a block of wood, and threw it into the fire. And when it was in full blaze she sat down close to it, and warmed herself by it, and said, "That shines bright for once in a way."
从前,有个又固执好奇心又强的小姑娘,无论她父母要她干什么她总是不服从。 这样的孩子会有什么好结果呢?
有一天她问父母:"我总听人们说起特鲁得太太,说她的一切都与众不同,她家里尽是些希奇古怪的东西。我太好奇了,哪天我一定得去看看。"她父母坚决反对,说:"特鲁得是个坏女人,尽干坏事。你要是去了就不是我们的孩子了。"可是姑娘并没因父母的阻止而回心转意。 当她来到特鲁得太太家时,特鲁得问她:"你的脸色怎么这么苍白啊?""唉呀,"她浑身发抖地回答说,"我被见到的那些东西吓坏了。""你看到什么了?""我在台阶上看到一个黑色的人。""那是烧炭的。""后来看到一个绿色的人。""那是猎人。""后来还看到一个血红血红的人。""那是屠夫。""唉呀,特鲁得太太,我从窗口望进来,看到的不是你,而是火头魔鬼本人。我不会看错的,真吓死了!"
"哦!"特鲁得说,"看来你的确看到了穿着平常服饰的巫婆了。我早就想要你了,已等了这么久,你可以让我这儿亮一点呢。"说罢将姑娘变成了一段木头,扔进了火堆。 木头熊熊燃烧起来,巫婆靠近火堆取暖,说:"它亮一阵子就会熄灭的。"

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