The bittern and the hoopoe



"Where do you like best to feed your flocks?" said a man to an old cow-herd. "Here, sir, where the grass is neither too rich nor too poor, or else it is no use." - "Why not?" asked the man. "Do you hear that melancholy cry from the meadow there?" answered the shepherd, "that is the bittern; he was once a shepherd, and so was the hoopoe also,--I will tell you the story. The bittern pastured his flocks on rich green meadows where flowers grew in abundance, so his cows became wild and unmanageable. The hoopoe drove his cattle on to high barren hills, where the wind plays with the sand, and his cows became thin, and got no strength. When it was evening, and the shepherds wanted to drive their cows homewards, the bittern could not get his together again; they were too high-spirited, and ran away from him. He called, "Come, cows, come," but it was of no use; they took no notice of his calling. The hoopoe, however, could not even get his cows up on their legs, so faint and weak had they become. "Up, up, up," screamed he, but it was in vain, they remained lying on the sand. That is the way when one has no moderation. And to this day, though they have no flocks now to watch, the bittern cries, "Come, cows, come," and the hoopoe, "Up, up, up."
有人问老牧人:"你最喜欢在哪儿放牛?"他说:"就在草儿既不肥也不瘦的地方,先生。不然就放不好。""为什么会不好?"那人又问。 "你没听到草地那边传来的悲号吗?"牧人答道,"那是鸬鹚,他从前是个牧人,戴胜也是,我来给你讲讲这个故事吧:鸬鹚在肥绿的草地上放牧牛群,这里遍地花草,牛群也遍地撒野,难以管束。而戴胜却把牛群赶到高山上的不毛之地,这里风吹沙扬,牛群也变得瘦骨嶙峋,绵软无力。到了傍晚,牧童们想赶牛回家,鸬鹚却不能把牛儿赶到一块,它们太兴奋了,跑得漫山遍野都是。'回来,牛儿,回来'鸬鹚高声吆喝,但根本没用,牛儿毫不理会。而戴胜呢,他甚至不能让牛儿站起来,它们已是那样地软弱无力了。'起来,起来,起来,'他尖叫,但一切都是徒劳,它们总是一动不动地卧在沙地上。那就是不加选择的后果。直到今天,他们不再看管牛群了,鸬鹚还在悲号:'回来,牛儿,回来。'
而戴胜则'起来,起来,起来。 '叫个不停。 "

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