Classification (Aarne-Thompson)

Grimms' fairy tales

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Index (

AT 0004 - Getting a Ride by Pretending to Be Injured

Gossip wolf and the fox (The fox and his cousin)

AT 0015 - Stealing the Partner's Butter

Cat and mouse in partnership

AT 0041 - Overeating in the Pantry

Tom Thumb
The wolf and the fox

AT 0047-A - Catching a Horse by the Tail

The fox and the horse

AT 0085 - The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage

The mouse, the bird, and the sausage

AT 0101 - The Old Dog Rescues the Child

Old Sultan

AT 0103 - Wild Animals Hide from an Unfamiliar Animal

Old Sultan

AT 0104 - War between the Village Animals and the Forest Animals

Old Sultan

AT 0123 - The Wolf and the Kids

The wolf and the seven young kids

AT 0130 - The Animals in Night Quarters

The Bremen town musicians

AT 0151 - Music Lessons for Wild Animals

The wonderful musician

AT 0152-A - The Scalded Wolf

Gossip wolf and the fox (The fox and his cousin)

AT 0157 - Learning to Fear Man

The sparrow and his four children
The wolf and the man

AT 0173 - Men, Animals, and the Span of Life

The duration of life

AT 0210 - The Traveling Animals and the Wicked Man

The pack of ragamuffins
The Bremen town musicians
Herr Korbes

AT 0212 - The Goat That Lied

The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack

AT 0221 - The Wren Becomes King of the Birds

The willow-wren

AT 0222 - The War between the Birds and the Beasts

The willow-wren and the bear

AT 0236* - Imitating Bird Sounds

The bittern and the hoopoe
The crumbs on the table

AT 0248 - The Man, the Dog, and the Bird

The dog and the sparrow

AT 0275-A* - The Race between the Hedgehog and the Hare

The hare and the hedgehog

AT 0295 - Straw, Coal, and Bean

Straw, coal, and bean
The Bremen town musicians
The death of the little hen

AT 0300 - The Dragon Slayer

The two brothers

AT 0301-A - The Quest for the Vanished Princesses

Strong Hans
The gnome

AT 0302 - The Giant Whose Heart Was in an Egg

The crystal ball

AT 0303 - The Twins or Blood Brothers

The two brothers
The gold-children

AT 0304 - The Hunter

The skilful huntsman

AT 0306 - The Danced-Out Shoes

The shoes that were danced to pieces

AT 0310 - The Maiden in the Tower


AT 0311 - The Heroine Rescues Herself and Her Sisters

Old Rinkrank
Fitcher's Bird
The rabbit's bride

AT 0312 - The Giant-killer and his Dog (Bluebeard)

Fitcher's Bird

AT 0313-A - The Girl Helps the Hero Flee

Fundevogel (Bird-foundling)
The water-nix

AT 0313-C - The Forgotten Fiancée

The two kings' children
The drummer

AT 0316 - (unknown)

The nix of the mill-pond

AT 0325 - The Magician and His Pupil

The thief and his master

AT 0326 - The Youth Who Wanted to Learn What Fear Is

The story of the youth who went forth to learn what fear was

AT 0327-A - Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

AT 0330-A - The smith and the devil (death)

Gambling Hansel

AT 0331 - The Spirit in the Glass Bottle

The spirit in the glass bottle

AT 0332 - Godfather Death

The godfather
Godfather Death

AT 0333 - Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

AT 0360 - The Three Apprentices and the Devil

The three apprentices

AT 0361 - Bear-skin


AT 0400 - The Quest for a Lost Bride

The drummer

AT 0401 - The Girl Transformed into an Animal

The raven

AT 0401-A - The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle

The king's son who feared nothing
The three black princesses
The king of the golden mountain

AT 0402 - The Animal Bride

The poor miller's boy and the cat
The three feathers

AT 0403-A - The Black and the White Bride (The Wishes)

The white bride and the black one

AT 0403-B - The Black and the White Bride

The three little men in the wood

AT 0405 - Jorinde and Joringel

Jorinda and Joringel

AT 0407 - The Girl as a Flower

A riddling tale

AT 0410 - Sleeping Beauty

The glass coffin
Sleeping Beauty (Little Briar Rose)

AT 0425-A - The Animal Bridegroom

The iron stove

AT 0425-C - Beauty and the Beast

The singing, springing lark

AT 0426 - The Two Girls, the Bear, and the Dwarf

Snow-White and Rose-Red

AT 0430 - The Donkey Bridegroom

The donkey

AT 0431 - The Hut in the Forest

The hut in the forest

AT 0440 - The Frog King or Iron Henry

The frog king or Iron Henry

AT 0441 - Hans-My-Hedgehog

Hans my hedgehog

AT 0442 - The Old Woman in the Woods

The old woman in the wood

AT 0450 - Little Brother and Little Sister

The brother and sister

AT 0450 - Little Brother, Little Sister

The lambkin and the little fish

AT 0451 - The Maiden who Seeks her Brothers

The seven ravens
The six swans
The twelve brothers

AT 0461 - Three Hairs from the Devil

The griffin
The devil with the three golden hairs

AT 0476* - A Midwife (or Godmother) for the Elves

The elves

AT 0480 - The Spinning-Woman by the Spring (The Kind and the Unkind Girls)

The three little men in the wood
St. Joseph in the forest
Mother Hulda

AT 0500 - The Name of the Helper


AT 0501 - The Three Spinning Woman

The three spinners

AT 0502 - The Wild Man as a Helper

Iron John

AT 0503 - The Hunchbacks and the Elves

The little folks' presents

AT 0503* - Helpful Elves

The elves

AT 0504 - The Changeling

The elves

AT 0510 - The Persecuted Heroine

The true bride

AT 0510-B - A King Tries to Marry His Daughter

All-kinds-of-fur (Allerleirauh)

AT 0511 - One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes

One-eye, two-eyes, and three-eyes

AT 0513 - The Extraordinary Companions

The six servants
Six soldiers of fortune

AT 0513-A - Six Go through the Whole World

The six servants
Six soldiers of fortune

AT 0513-B - The Land and Water Ship

The golden goose

AT 0516 - Faithful Johannes

Trusty John

AT 0518 - Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects

The drummer
The crystal ball
The king of the golden mountain
The raven

AT 0531 - Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithful

Ferdinand the faithful

AT 0533 - The Speaking Horsehead

The goose girl

AT 0550 - Search for the Golden Bird

The golden bird

AT 0551 - The Sons on a Quest for a Wonderful Remedy for their Father

The water of life

AT 0552-A - The Girls Who Married Animals

The crystal ball

AT 0554 - The Grateful Animals

The two travellers
The white snake
The sea-hare
The queen bee

AT 0555 - The Fisher and his Wife

The fisherman and his wife

AT 0555 - The Fisherman and His Wife

The gold-children

AT 0560 - The Magic Ring

The king of the golden mountain

AT 0562 - The Spirit in the Blue Light

The blue light

AT 0563 - The Table, the Ass, and the Stick

The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack

AT 0565 - The Magic Mill

Sweet porridge

AT 0566 - The Three Magic Objects and the Wonderful Fruits (Fortunatus)

Donkey cabbages

AT 0567 - The Magic Bird Heart

Donkey cabbages
The two brothers

AT 0569 - The Knapsack, the Hat and the Horn

The knapsack, the hat, and the horn

AT 0571 - All Stick Together

The golden goose

AT 0585 - Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle

The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle

AT 0590 - The Magic Belt

The king's son who feared nothing

AT 0592 - Dancing in Thorns

The jew among thorns

AT 0610 - Fruit to Cure the Princess

The griffin

AT 0612 - The Three Snake-Leaves

The three snake-leaves

AT 0613 - The Two Travelers

The two travellers

AT 0650 - Strong John

The young giant

AT 0650-A - The Young Giant

Strong Hans

AT 0652 - The Boy Whose Wishes Always Come True

The pink

AT 0653 - The Four Skillful Brothers

The four skilful brothers

AT 0654 - Which Brother Has the Best Skill?

The three brothers

AT 0660 - The Three Doctors

The three army-surgeons

AT 0671 - The Three Languages

The three languages

AT 0673 - The White Snake

The white snake

AT 0676 - Open Sesame

Simeli mountain

AT 0700 - Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb
Thumbling as journeyman (Thumbling's Travels)
The young giant

AT 0706 - The Maiden Without Hands

The girl without hands

AT 0707 - The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird

The three little birds

AT 0709 - Little Snow-White


AT 0710 - Our Lady's Child

Our Lady's Child

AT 0720 - My Mother Slew Me, My Father Ate Me (The Juniper Tree)

The almond tree

AT 0750-A - The Wishes (Hospitality rewarded)

The poor man and the rich man

AT 0753 - Christ and the Smith

The old man made young again

AT 0756-A - Green Leaves on a Dry Stick

The three green twigs

AT 0766 - The Magic Sleep

The twelve apostles

AT 0767 - Food for the Crucifix

The heavenly wedding

AT 0769 - A Child Returns from the Dead

The stolen farthings

AT 0779 - Divine Rewards and Punishments

The wilful child
The star-money
The ear of corn

AT 0780 - The Singing Bone

The singing bone

AT 0800 - The Tailor in Heaven

The tailor in heaven

AT 0801 - Master Pfriem

Master Pfriem (Master Cobbler's Awl)

AT 0802 - The Peasant in Heaven

The peasant in heaven

AT 0810 - The Devil Loses a Soul That Was Promised Him

The king of the golden mountain

AT 0828 - Men, Animals, and the Span of Life

The duration of life

AT 0851 - Winning the Princess with a Riddle

The sea-hare
The riddle

AT 0859-A - The Penniless Wooer (Patch of Land)

Hans married

AT 0859-B - The Penniless Wooer (Money in Hand)

Hans married

AT 0870 - The Entombed Princess

Maid Maleen

AT 0875 - The Clever Peasant Girl

The peasant's wise daughter

AT 0884 - The Forsaken Fiancée

The true bride
The twelve huntsmen

AT 0900 - King Thrushbeard

King Thrushbeard

AT 0922 - The King, the Abbot, and the Shepherd

The shepherd boy

AT 0923 - Love Like Salt

The goose-girl at the well

AT 0930 - The Prophecy That a Poor Boy Will Marry a Rich Girl

The devil with the three golden hairs

AT 0952 - The King and the Soldier

The boots of buffalo-leather

AT 0954 - The Forty Thieves

Simeli mountain

AT 0955 - The Robber Bridegroom

The robber bridegroom

AT 0960 - The Sun Brings All to Light

The bright sun brings it to light

AT 0980-B - The Wooden Bowl

The old man and his grandson

AT 0980-D - A Toad in the Face of an Ungrateful Son

The ungrateful son

AT 1030 - Man and Ogre Share the Harvest

The peasant and the devil

AT 1049 - The Heavy Ax

The giant and the tailor

AT 1051 - Springing with a Bent Tree

The giant and the tailor
The valiant little tailor

AT 1052-A - Contest in Carrying a Tree

The valiant little tailor

AT 1053 - Shooting Wild Boars

The giant and the tailor

AT 1060 - Squeezing Water from a Stone

The valiant little tailor

AT 1062-A - Contest in Throwing Stones

The valiant little tailor

AT 1074 - A Race Is Won by a Look-Alike Helper

The hare and the hedgehog

AT 1115 - Attempting to Kill the Hero in His Bed

The valiant little tailor

AT 1119 - Ogres Kill Their Own Children


AT 1121 - Burning the Witch in Her Own Oven

Hansel and Gretel

AT 1159 - Catching the Would-Be Musician in a Crack

The wonderful musician

AT 1202 - Harvesting Grain with a Cannon

The three children of fortune

AT 1231 - Planning the Attack on a Hare

The seven Swabians

AT 1248 - Loading a Beam Crosswise on a Wagon

Master Pfriem (Master Cobbler's Awl)

AT 1281 - Burning the Barn to Destroy an Unknown Animal

The owl
The three children of fortune

AT 1290 - A Fool Mistakes a Flax Field for a Lake

The beam

AT 1291 - Sending One Cheese After Another

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1291-B - A Fool Greeses the Cracked Earth with Butter

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1297* - Fools Walk into a River and Drown

The seven Swabians

AT 1313 - The Man Who Thought He Was Dead

The poor boy in the grave

AT 1321 - Fools Are Frightened

The seven Swabians

AT 1360-C - Old Hildebrand

Old Hildebrand

AT 1383 - A Woman Does Not Know Herself

Clever Else
Frederick and Catherine

AT 1384 - A Man Seeks Someone as Stupid as His Wife

Wise folks

AT 1385 - A Woman Accepts Her Own Cow as Security

Wise folks

AT 1385* - A Woman Loses Her Husband's Money

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1387 - A Woman Draws Beer in the Cellar

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1405 - The Lazy Spinning Woman

The lazy spinner

AT 1415 - Lucky Hans

Hans in luck

AT 1430 - Air Castles

Lazy Harry
Lean Lisa

AT 1450 - Clever Elsie

Clever Else

AT 1451 - A Suitor Chooses the Thrifty Girl

Odds and ends

AT 1452 - Choosing a Bride by How She Cuts Cheese

Brides on their trial

AT 1535 - The Rich Peasant and the Poor Peasant

The little peasant

AT 1539 - Tricksters and Their Victims

The little peasant

AT 1540 - The Man from Paradise

Wise folks

AT 1640 - The Brave Tailor

The valiant little tailor

AT 1641 - Doctor Know-All

Doctor Know-all

AT 1650 - Three Brothers Inherit a Rooster, a Scythe, and a Cat

The three children of fortune

AT 1651 - Dick Whittington and His Cat

The three children of fortune

AT 1653 - The Robbers under the Tree

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1653-A - Securing the Door

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1681-B - The Fool as a Housekeeper

The wise servant

AT 1689-A - Two Presents for the King

The turnip

AT 1696 - What Should I Have Said (or Done)?

Going a-travelling
Clever Hans

AT 1697 - We Three, for Money

The three apprentices

AT 1737 - Trading Places with the Trickster in a Sack

The turnip
The little peasant

AT 1741 - The Guest Flees to Save His Ears

Clever Grethel

AT 1791 - Dividing Up the Dead

Frederick and Catherine

AT 1876 - Chickens on a String

The poor boy in the grave

AT 1889-K - A Rope Made of Chaff

The flail from heaven

AT 1930 - Schlaraffenland (Land of Milk and Honey)

The tale of Cockaigne
The Ditmarsch tale of wonders

AT 1940 - Extraordinary Names

Domestic servants

AT 1950 - A Contest in Laziness

The three sluggards
The twelve idle servants

AT 1960-A - The Giant Animal

The flail from heaven

AT 1960-D - The Giant Vegetable

The turnip

AT 1960-G - The Giant Plant

The flail from heaven

AT 1963 - Sailing in a Bottomless Boat

Knoist and his three sons

AT 1965 - (unknown)

Knoist and his three sons

AT 2019 - Fair Katrinelje

Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie

AT 2021 - The Cock and the Hen

The Bremen town musicians
The death of the little hen

AT 2021-A - The Cock Seeks Help for the Choking Hen

The death of the little hen

AT 2022 - An Animal Mourns the Death of a Spouse

The louse and the flea

AT 2039 - The Lost Horseshoe Nail

The nail

AT 2075 - Imitating Animal Sounds

The bittern and the hoopoe
The crumbs on the table

AT 2260 - The Golden Key

The golden key

AT 2411 - Counting Imagined Wealth

Lean Lisa

AT 329 - Hiding From the Devil

The sea-hare

AT 5085 - A Migratory Legend

The elves